Task2Gather 2.0 for iPhone Released! Todo and task management everywhere!

We’re glad to announce the release of Task2Gather version 2.0 for iPhone!

5th of July, 2009 – VITO Technology releases the new 2.0 version of Task2Gather for iPhone a major upgrade with great features added. Task2Gather now has instant access to all your tasks online and offline. Everybody wants to be able to check their todo everywhere at anytime. With the free desktop client available, all functions get synchronized on the web and on our iPhone so that you will never miss a todo. The new version also offers a new look&feel to it that always help.

Task2Gather for iPhone is a unique todo application for AppStore that allows full collaboration on the go. With the offline mode of the new version this app will become even more irreplaceable as you can do changes while you’re on the plane or anywhere else where there is no internet connection.

Task2Gather also integrates with Windows Mobile Devices and also the web interface. All web support is free and guaranteed for you. This allows you to share tasks and manage projects also with those people who might not have an iPhone but a Windows Mobile device or are sitting in the office or at home in front of their computer.
The new look&feel of Task2Gather is going to be another surprise for our users. New nicely designed look of Task2Gather will give you the feeling of old magic book that will make all your things done.

Key features:
° Gather tasks and do them together with your family, friends and colleagues
° Free Web version - all tasks are available everywhere and everytime.
° Automatic sync with web server - you will never miss your todo
° Ability to collaborate with WM users
° Discuss each task in the comments area
Task2Gather supports English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, and Russian. It is available for $2.99 at appstore.

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11 Responses to “Task2Gather 2.0 for iPhone Released! Todo and task management everywhere!”

  1. Dennis Says:

    Good news! when do you plan v2 for WM?


  2. Corneliu Says:

    The app is really nice and we use it a lot but please please add a copy/paste or move to folder functionality.
    Sometimes tasks don’t make sense in the folder that were were created so I want to move but. But I can’t.


  3. Jakub Says:

    When will be offline client avaible for WM too?

  4. graymoment Says:

    When will we get an Android App? There will be 15 Android phones out by the end of the year, and growth projections are 600% by year end.

  5. CHris Says:

    Cannot leave feedback on website. Keeps asking for CAPTCHA??

    Anayway, LOVE your program. It has been an integral part of my business, but what happened to the ability to see the task list by “list” so you can see all tasks that are in subgroups by date due?

  6. Olga Says:

    you can move the tasks in the web version of T2G.

    We’re working on the WM version with offline support. I hope we cxan release it soon.

    I’m glad you’re using T2G at your business. Unfortunately, “List” mode is not available any more for iPhone version with offline mode.

    we’re thinking about that. Thanks!

  7. Aymeric Says:

    We use T2G for project management in Social Whims.

    We love the fact we can leave comments on tasks and that we can see what were the last changes.

    Also, having a WM client and iPhone is a real plus that we use.

    There are a few UI issues that could be improved from my point of view:

    - Cut/Paste UI is not intuitive, but does the job
    - Can’t share only one task and its sub-tasks. It means that we end up with a flat hierarchy of projects instead of being able to structure the projects as we want. (folder/project/tasks)
    - Lack of tags on tasks (can’t differentiate bugs/ideas/tasks except by adding a prefix [bug] in the title but we can’t filter the view)

    Overall we are very pleased with T2G. Can’t wait to see the new version of the WM client!

    Thank you

  8. RST Says:

    Cannot leave feedback on website neither, asking for CAPTCHA, but I cannot see anything (using Firefox 3.5.1), tried with IE 8 as well..
    Application looks great, nevertheleless I would realy appreciate info re offline WM client - when it might be available ?


  9. Olga Says:

    Thanks for your feedback!
    We’re working on the offline WM version. A little bit more patience:)
    I hope you’ve already seen out new desktop version with search function (open list mode to make search).

  10. Olga Says:

    the CAPTCHA gas been fixed now.

  11. Fred Says:

    good job for iphone … any news of the wm new version ?

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