Task2Gather reviewed at Web Worker Daily

Aliza Sherman has posted a review of Task2Gather at Web Worker Daily. The following “pluses” and “minuses” were singled out by the project manager:

1. One feature that my project manager really likes is the stats and reports feature. That could take the place of her weekly past-due reports that she generates by hand in a spreadsheet.
2. She also likes that you can assign a deadline that shifts with the project’s priority.
3. And she likes that you can see how close to completion a project is, but you have to put in hours spent. That begs to ask the question: Would everyone on our team take the time to enter their hours per project?

1. Two things that she feels are lacking in Task2Gather are email reminders and when you post messages or comments, the application doesn’t appear to send copies of those messages to the team members assigned to the projects.
2. Also, there isn’t a feature where you can upload file attachments.
3. She also feels it is really hard to see the tasks, and especially the deadlines. I have to agree with her on that.


Most of the features of Task2Gather are either the same or better than Basecamp and in some cases, just presented in a different way.

Here are my comments on the minuses:

1. The emails are currently generated only to inform you if a new project was shared with you or when a new task was assigned to you. To notify about any changes in Task2Gather, there is the “News” feature. “News” contains changes made in Task2Gather like comments, deadline edits, task progress or any other changes that take place and that concern your tasks and projects where you participate. The “News” or changes emerge beside the project or task name and are marked with a bold font. Anytime you log in, you can see all changes and check them immediately. The “News” section is refreshed every 5 minutes.
2. Task2Gather is planning to add a new notification system so users can choose the way they want to be notified by the service.
3. The upload feature in Task2Gather is scheduled for release in the beginning of the next year.
4. The company is planning to change a little bit the UI, design and probably the colors of Task2Gather.

We are constantly working at making Task2Gather one fo the most powerful yet simple online task manager. I hope that our users enjoy using Task2Gather and appreciate our efforts.

VITO Technlogy uses Task2Gather as a collaborative tool for managing our tasks and projects therefore we are interested in making Task2Gather as users friendlier as possibly. Besides, we’d want the service satisfy the needs not only of the ordinary workers but CEOs as well.

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