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How do you use Task2Gather?

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

We were very lucky to get a nice story how Roberto uses Task2Gather at his work. Here is his story:

Happy to tell you about how I use t2g.

I manage 4 computer labs (1 large-ish one and 3 small ones) in my academic department, with a total of over 40 computers. At any given time, I have 2 or 3 student workers who put in a few hours a week each to help keep things running smoothly.

With busy schedules during the school term, it’s difficult to communicate and stay on top of tasks that need to be done (installing new software, imaging lab machines, solving problems with printing or shared drives, etc.). Our individual schedules and the shared task list are all on t2g so we can easily keep in touch and focus on what needs to be done.

Furthermore, lists of software, configurations, hardware, and other important information about the resources we manage are also kept there. Everything from requests for new software to equipment that needs to be purchased makes its way into this powerful tool that has now become a repository of everything related to the services we provide.

The iPhone/iPod Touch app is just the icing on the cake. Our campus doesn’t have good GSM coverage, but WiFi access is fairly ubiquitous, so I can check on the progress of various tasks from virtually anywhere.

We use comments to maintain a history of changes to a particular item and discuss proposed changes, so new team members can easily see not just where we are, but how we got there. We occasionally wish there were tags or priorities for individual items, instead of the strict
hierarchical tree structure, but we’ve made it work quite well up to now.


BTW, I also use T2G at home–my wife and I share our shopping list, honey-do list, and trip preparation list there. It’s a great tool!

We also invite other Task2Gather users to share their stories about how they use Task2Gather and what features they would like to see in future versions. Please e-mail me here olya at vitotechnology dot com.

Task2Gather review at Know Your Mobile site

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Dave Oliver posted a nice review of Task2Gather for Windows Mobile. The review seems to be just to the point covering all important features of the application. Besides the author singles out not only good points of the application but also some of the drawbacks:

As a day-to-day task manager, it’s probably a little cumbersome – you’d be better off with TasksPlus or Remember The Milk. But for organising projects it makes perfect sense - it’s easy to set up and use, you can organise new or existing projects on the hoof and discuss them with your colleagues as you go. Notifications and alerts would make it more useful, with an alarm or an email to inform you of changes, but even so, it’s a decent, no-frills project organiser.

If you got interested you can read a whole review here.

Task2Gather got reviewed at!

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Roshan at has published a nice review of Task2Gather. Here is what he says about Task2Gather:

What i really like about this application is that it is fast. What i mean by fast, is that, it doesn’t load itself as a traditional website does. It loads the section it needs to and not the whole thing. For example, you wanted to add a new task, it doesn’t load the whole website to take you to a page where you can add new tasks but rather loads the section immediately. It is viable to say that it is truly a “Web 2.0? app. The login interface seems to be easy to figure out and very easy to register yourself with few basic details and you are on to the app.

You may read the whole review here.

Task2Gather reviewed at Web Worker Daily

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Aliza Sherman has posted a review of Task2Gather at Web Worker Daily. The following “pluses” and “minuses” were singled out by the project manager:

1. One feature that my project manager really likes is the stats and reports feature. That could take the place of her weekly past-due reports that she generates by hand in a spreadsheet.
2. She also likes that you can assign a deadline that shifts with the project’s priority.
3. And she likes that you can see how close to completion a project is, but you have to put in hours spent. That begs to ask the question: Would everyone on our team take the time to enter their hours per project?


MyTodayScreen reviewed Task2Gather for WM

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Brett Quam at MyTodayScreen has written a review about Task2Gather. He thoroughly describes the Task2Gather performance, all features and user interface. Here is what Brett likes about Task2Gather:

Task2Gather seems like a simple task/project management system, and it is. In adding the ability to create multiple levels of subtasks along with the collaboration abilities of the discussions, it really makes this a project manager’s dream. If you are a Franklin Covey type of task user, this may not be complicated enough for you, but I do believe that Task2Gather has changed the way I plan a lot of my tasks that I used to keep in simple lists. I may still use Pocket Informant for some recurring tasks, but Task2Gather will be my new daily applications that helps keep my life organized. (more…)

Task2Gather Reviewed at 4WinMobile

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

James Bassey at 4WinMobile site has reviewed Task2Gather version for Windows Mobile. I really enjoyed reading the review as it is very well structured with very thorough information starting from the installation, usage of the main features and ending up with the description of desktop and iPhone versions of Task2Gather. (more…)

Task2Gather reviewed at AppStoreApps

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

The review of Task2Gather has been just posted at AppStoreApps. Doug says “Task2Gather is a list manager that keeps all of your projects ‘in the cloud’. This is accessible online via a Mac and a PC and can be updated over the web. You’ll never have to worry about losing your personal, family or business tasks. . .ever. Another feature is the ability to add multiple ‘participants’. You can organize your lists(even further), or even let friends or family members have their own lists.”

A main disadvantage of iPhone version of Task2Gather according to his point of view is that Task2Gather works only if you have access to the Internet. So, iPod users can’t use it if there is no Wi-Fi coverage.

Therefore I’d like to unveil our plans connected with the release of a new iPhone version of Task2Gather. We are going to realize the most urgent feature that all of our users longed for that is the ability of Task2Gather to work offline. Other features are connected with the functionality, so that Task2Gather on iPhone could act exactly the same way as on desktop. They are:

1. The ability to set up deadline

2. The ability to set up estimated and spent time

3. The ability to assign different colors to the tasks

What other features do you find really important that should be added to iPhone client for Task2Gather service? Perhaps you have some other interesting ideas on improving Task2Gather.

Doug also has shot a video review and posted it on YouTube. Press here to watch it.

Mnassal reviewed Task2Gather

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Mark Nassal at Stress-Free Productivity Site has reviewed Task2Gather. He singles out the main features of T2G that makes it worth using like simplicity and sharing. He also underlines the fact that Task2Gather was created specially for VITO Technology to manage tasks in the team of developers.

Other good points of Task2Gather according to Mark Nassal’s review are the iPhone client that is already available at Appstore and WM client which is being beta-tested now.

If you want to read the review and look at the screenshots head on to Stress - Free Productivity Site.

Task2Gather is at iPhone Application List

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Task2Gather has been added to the list of iPhone apps at

Let’s head on the site, vote for Task2Gather app and add comments saying whether you like using it and what are the main advantages of Task2Gather in comparison to other apps for managing tasks.

Thanks to everybody who helps us to spread the word about Task2Gather.

Detailed Review of Task2Gather

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Thanks to Josh Williams from Neutron Dawn we’ve got first detailed review of  iPhone and desktop versions of Task2Gather.

This review demonstrates the way Task2Gather can be used both as an individual  and a common task manager for a company. The author gives vivid examples of  how you may reach common goals using powerful Task2Gather service.

He also singles out “a collaborative hierarchical view structure” that makes  Task2Gather unique among other task management services: “Task2Gather is  based on a collaborative hierarchical view structure. What all those big fancy words  mean is that you can have as many participants as you want on each individual  project, and each project can have infinitely many subtasks within it. (and  subtasks to the subtasks and so on). Each subtask can be delegated to any  participant that’s working on the project. For a company, this could be very useful to ensure that everyone has something to work on.” (more…)